GMPP Licensed Product

Pedders offers a range of GMPP licensed coilovers for General Motors vehicles. GM knows you want to personalize your vehicle and GMPP parts allow you to do that with confidence. Pedders SportsRyder brand has been synonymous with high performance dampers for decades. Pedders SportsRyder shock absorbers and struts combine the most advanced technology with Pedders? renowned expertise in the fine tuning of damping rates for superior handling while maintaining close to OEM ride quality. Pedders eXtreme XA height adjustable coilover isbuilt to Pedders stringent quality standards. Pedders eXtreme XA features sports calibrated tunable damping, motorsport coil springs individually tuned to suit each application and a host of other high performance features including engineered OEM compatible brackets.
Pedders SportsRyder Supercar Adjustable Coilover Kit offers eXtreme ride control for the hardcore enthusiast and a ride that equals or exceeds. SportsRyder Supercar Coilover kits are the most advanced solution for your GM vehicle. The separate bump and rebound adjustment allows the driver to dial in the ?setup? of the cars handling balance just likea race team. Add to that full height adjustment from the base mounts that maintains bump and droop travel on all four corners and you have a premium suspension system, tuneable to individual needs - with SportsRyder Supercar Coilover  incredible ride quality.
Get the look you desire, the handling you dream of  through GMPP and Pedders.