Camaro 1LE Rear Balance Sway Bar
Camaro 1LE Rear Balance Sway Bar Upgrade
Item #Cam5-SW-PKG-1LE

The 1LE delivers with a 27mm front sway bar and 28mm rear bar. We think Chevrolet's choice of a 27mm front sway bar is brilliant. We have been running a 27mm front sway bar since March of 2009. The 28mm rear bar is too conservative for us. We like a 32mm rear bar. To upgrade your 1LE to the performance level Pedders has demonstrated in our OPTIMA Invitational 55th Gen Camaros your first step is to add a Pedders rear 32mm Z style bar. This is a direct bolt and your OEM droplinks are perfectly suited for the larger bar.

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Item #: Cam5-SW-PKG-1LE

Brand: Pedders

Shipping: Item will be shipped before or on 5/3/2016